Should You Eat Before Your Workout?

By xlhealthclub | In Tuesday Training Tips | on March 21, 2016

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Should You Eat Before Your Workout?

If you want to have a productive workout you should always have some food in your system. There’s a misconception that if you don’t eat before your workout, you’ll not only save calories from the food that you didn’t eat, but that you’ll also burn fat from the actual work out.

This fallacy has set back many people who have done more harm to their bodies by not eating before a work out.

Food is fuel for the body. The harder your body works the more fuel it burns. If there’s no food in the system, the body turns on itself for fuel and it doesn’t care where
that fuel comes from. So what happens is the body looks for fat and muscle to burn for fuel. That’s right, your body will burn muscle right along with fat to drive you through your
Obviously you don’t want your body burning through your muscles; that defeats the entire purpose of the work out. So eat before you train. Carbs and protein will provide you with the proper fuel that will save your muscles and burn that stubborn fat. The amount of each depends on the type of work out and the dietary needs of the individual. For a nutrition plan specific to your needs please call me at (623) 594-0246 for a free consultation.

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