Meet Debbie Ingram, Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, FLEX Instructor, Aging Strategist and Baby Boomer. A seasoned educator, who continues to age gracefully with time because of the continuous formal training in Pilates, understanding the human body’s postural analysis, comprehension of the Pilates repertoire and peal backs for all levels.

Come allow Pilates Instructor — Deborah Ingram — the opportunity to guide you in XL Health Club’s Reformer approach to Pilates.
Deborah is committed to helping others achieve a positive body/mind/spirit healing journey in the understanding and learning authentically the Art of Contrology (a.k.a. Pilates). Proper practice of this wonderful Art will bring forth a consistency in achieving inner and universal balance, concentration, control, core strength, correct breathing, flowing movement and peace. All of which will bring forth a positive impact on self and ultimately the extended community for better health, happiness and an enriched quality of life.

Pilates training is personal – Can be achieved through use of Mat, Props and Apparatus series of exercises, offering verbal and tactile communication techniques which will allow the body/mind/spirit to heal itself.
Deborah is a passionate, caring, energetic instructor who is excited to share this learning experience with you.
Pilates teaches subtleties that through consistency produces life changing effects.

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