Riley Truitt

I believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle should not only be achievable for everyone, but also that it should be enjoyable and diverse. As someone who was once over 100 pounds heavier, I also understand the struggles and how intimidating lifestyle changes can appear, but also how fulfilling and satisfying they can be! That’s why workouts have to be fun! During college I had aspirations of being a competitive power lifter before I discovered my true joy and passion, mixed martial arts. I train primarily in boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I dabbled in both Muay Thai and kick boxing. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu still remains my main passion and has encouraged me, and helped me adhere to, my healthy lifestyle; I use the lessons I have learned on and off the mats to enrich and improve the lives of those I train with and come into contact with on a daily basis. I am nationally certified through The National Association of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, and will apply not only the information I gained through them, but also outside information and anecdotes. If I feel you will benefit from a certain concept or program, I want you to know as much as we can learn about it, and I will help you implement and execute it so you get real results, really quickly!

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