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This week D’Andre Penn discusses

How Long Should I Rest Between Workouts?

How long should I rest between workouts? This is a great question. The standard answer for this question is 48 hours, but there’s different answers for different people, and there are a lot of factors to consider when determining rest:

Are you a beginner? Beginners need more rest in-between workouts, typically at least 3 days.

Are you lifting heavy? If you’re pumping for size you may want to let your body rest longer, 2-3 days depending on how taxing your workout was.

Are you only doing cardio? You can do cardio almost everyday. Just take time off when you start to feel rundown.

What are you doing when you’re away from the gym? Drinking and partying will put a strain on your body and will increase the time you need in between your workouts. Cardio will not help with a hangover, only rest and water can help with your recovery. If you’re eating a healthy diet and getting proper sleep, you might only need 1 day in-between your workouts. Light weights with high reps is common workout that requires only 1-2 days of rest.

Remember that your body will always let you know when it needs rest, so don’t ignore the signs. If you’re barefoot and you step on something sharp, you immediately pull your foot up. You don’t continue to step on the sharp object. The same reasoning applies to your workouts. When your body is extremely sore, that’s your body telling you that you need to stop doing the activities that made it sore in the first place.

Working out twice a day, or even once a day can be taxing on your body. Make sure that you’re all your hard work is not having an adverse affect your physique. Injuries, malaise, and even depression can result when you don’t get enough rest.

There are other factors such as age and weight that can determine how much time you need. You can meet with me or another experienced trainer who can help you set a up training schedule, but always remember that your body is always the boss when it comes to rest.


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