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This week David Bogored discusses:

Running on the Treadmill versus Running Outdoors

Running is a great form of exercise and is the preferred type of cardio for many people.  But there’s often a debate of where you should run.

If you are a track athlete or someone whose sport requires a lot of outdoor running, you should absolutely train outdoors, but for the rest of us, I would recommend the treadmill.

In my opinion the debate isn’t about maximum results, it’s about safety.

When running outdoors you’re subjected to the unexpected conditions of the running surface: sand, litter, animal droppings and slippery spills just to name a few. So even when running in perfect weather conditions on a seemingly perfect surface catastrophe can strike.

Serious injuries can occur if you happen to run over a patch of sand or an oil slick.  Suddenly an everyday run can result in torn ligaments or other injuries that require months and months of physical therapy.

Running on a treadmill is simply a safer alternative to running outdoors.  On the treadmill the running surface is clean and safe.  The options on the treadmill allow you to simulate various outdoor challenges, and when you’re running indoors the weather conditions are always optimal.

In Arizona, outdoor runners have to contend with spiders, snakes, coyotes and other wildlife.  Staying hydrated is also a major concern.  The Arizona heat can be unforgiving to those who are unprepared for the summer temperatures.

Of course running indoors on a treadmill might not provide the stimulation or challenge of an outdoor run, but it does provide a controlled environment that’s safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Wherever you choose to run, be safe and always remember to stay hydrated.

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