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Should Women Lift Weights?

Yes you should lift weights. There’s this timeless myth that if a woman lifts weights she’ll become huge with bulging muscles. This fitness fairy tale has prevented many women from reaching their full fitness potential. If you want to get fit, weight training should part of your fitness routine.

First let’s address the myth. If a woman lifts weights she’ll get big like a bodybuilder.

In order for a woman to develop large muscles she has to work towards that goal. It takes years and years of dedication to heavy lifting, along with a strict bodybuilding diet for a woman to become “huge.”

The average woman in the gym who lifts weights a few times a week has nothing to fear. In fact women should be afraid not to lift weights, as it can help streamline a woman’s physique. Diets and cardio exercises alone can still leave the body soft.

Weight-training will help to tighten up those difficult loose areas, typically the hamstrings, triceps, and midsection.

Don’t fear the bulk…instead fear the bulge. Both women and men should do a minimum of 2 days a week of weight training.

If you need help with a weight training routine I will be glad to assist you.

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