By xlhealthclub | In Tuesday Training Tips | on March 15, 2016

This Week D’Andre Discusses:

Training and Pregnancy

A constant question for future or potential mothers is, “Can I still train during my pregnancy?”  The answer is yes you can.  Your training doesn’t end with your expectancy, it just evolves to accommodate your condition.

One of the changes to your training will be less jumping and bouncing.  You will want to concentrate more on controlled and precise movements.  You will also want to avoid any exercise requiring you to lie on your back or your stomach.  This is a big no-no when pregnant.  Other types of exercises and classes to avoid are exercise bikes, kick boxing classes, high intensity aerobic classes, and other activities that require you to maintain your balance.

You must understand that during your pregnancy your body will change and maintaining your equilibrium will require constant focus.  Even experienced mothers cannot take their balance or lack thereof for granted.

But just because there are some limitations doesn’t mean that pregnant woman can’t train.

You can still run during the early stages of your pregnancy, and you can weight train throughout.  Of course both of these will steadily decrease as your pregnancy progresses, and all running should be eliminated after your 1st trimester.  Always listen to your body.  If your body tells you to slow down, then you should slow down.  If it says to stop, then you should stop immediately.  Otherwise stay fit and welcome a strong healthy baby into the world.

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