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This Week Camie Beaubien Discusses

Why Does My Body Look the Same?

You’ve been taking classes several times a week. You’ve also made improvements to your diet. But when you look in the mirror you see the same body looking back at you and you wonder, “Why do I look the same?”

Working on your body isn’t a full-time job, it’s an all-the-time job. This means that you’re always working towards your goals. It also means that you have to take steps towards your without inadvertently taking steps backwards.

Here is a simple list of various steps. Which are steps forward and which are steps backwards?

  1. Training and eating better
  2. Eating fewer meals a day to help lose weight
  3. Eating more meals a day so your body burns more fat
  4. Training on an empty stomach to burn more calories
  5. Eating before you train so that your body has the fuel for an intense work out
  6. Using stress and negative energy for motivation
  7. Avoiding stress and negative energy
  8. Gorging on cheat day because you’ve been working hard and you deserve it
  9. Have a reasonable “cheat” meal(s) on the day of your choice but no cheating after 6pm or 4 hours before bedtime
  10. Drinking in excess is fine if you do cardio the next day
  11. Avoid drinking in excess and remember that if you do happen to drink too much, a single workout won’t undo the damage
  12. Look at your friends who are in good shape and do what they do
  13. Realize that your physique and metabolism is different from those around you so you have find what works best your body
  14. Supplements provide cutting-edge products that can get me to my fitness goals without all the training and healthy eating
  15. Nothing can replace a well-balanced diet. The fittest people on this planet got that way by training smart and eating smart.

By now you’ve probably figured out that the odd numbers are steps forward, while the even numbers are steps backwards. Make sure you’re always going in the right direction, and if you do you should be able to look in the mirror and say, “I can’t believe how much my body has changed!”

Remember that your physique will go backward faster than it will go forward. Change doesn’t come over night, but if you continue to take steps forward your body will change for the better.


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